From: The Cluttered Desk Of Pasha Rana

Subject: Your Unfair Advantage To Become My Next Success Story

Mission: To Create $10,000/Month Income For 1 Million  Entrepreneurs

Vision: My vision is to impact, inspire, empower and transform a million entrepreneurs to wake up and create the life they deserve, desire and dream about.

Core Values: Growth. Opportunities. Recognition. Income. Fun. Freedom

I'm Pasha Rana. Nice To Meet You!

At 31 years old I'm pretty proud of the life I've been able to create for myself. After successfully launching online businesses, I now help others be more successful in theirs. I'm passionate about that.

Intially I was introduced to a Network Marketing Company called "ACN" in 2008 but I didn't pay any serious attention at the time and then I was introduced to digital marketing in 2013 by another friend. At first, I struggled with learning how to build and grow a profitable online business.

I would get frustrated & overwhelmed because marketers would be promoting every single launch offer, a different offer to me daily and weekly.

And that frustration caused me to spend more money than I was making. I was stuck in a rut – lost, confused and hopeless.

I made a commitment to myself to learn from the real Internet Successful Entrepreneurs so I could finally create the success I truly desired and then go on and share what I learned with people just like you who are looking for the answer.

Immediately I stopped following the get-rich-quick tactics so common in the Internet marketing world and, instead, started really studying business growth. I took everything I studied and put it into concrete mind maps, processes and techniques that anyone can follow to create massive results.

I’ve studied from the top-notch entrepreneurs and what they revealed is currently helping me grow my company really fast. And I haven’t looked back since.

I live life on my own terms, I think that’s what Ultimate Success is. Success is doing the things that make you happy, with no restrictions. Do you want it? How bad do you want it?

It comes down to two critical components, traffic & conversions with a sales funnel that converts cold-traffic to red-hot sales....

I started making products on ClickBank and have done pretty well since. I have been teaching many friends & people just like you, how to make money online with affiliate businesses, realized there could be a market in training people online on how to create their own affiliate businesses and now we offer free lessons as well as range of comprehensive training, software and support.

I build successful marketing companies on the Internet. I guess above all I'm a creator. I love building stuff that people will love. I consult marketing companies to expand their revenue streams. Love helping others achieve their goals: financial or personal.

That's what I'm most passionate about and gets me excited every week. I'm a strict believer that happiness is the highest form of success. If I can make you a little bit happier in this life than my hard work was worth it! I've helped succeed many...


Because I really like to solve problems. I like to give people the little secrets that I know will work which will give them real success! That is exciting to me. That has become my passion.”

“I have a system that any business can use to quickly double their business in one year, and have locked-in customers for life.”

President & Founder: The Pasha Group
Founder & C.E.O: PASH .CLUB