My Mission:


1- I strive to give my clients the information I’d want if my role was reversed.

2- I provide real education for entrepreneurs, small business owners and for anyone looking to learn about leveraging digital marketing methods to start, grow and scale their business.

The ONLY Guaranteed Way To Make MORE Money – Take Advantage Of EDUCATION

I believe in a world of self-education, self-mastery and unlimited results. My mission is to push the human capital development of modern society so I create a movement of enlightened entrepreneurs.

By 31st December 2025, I want to help…

1,000,000 entrepreneurs start their own home business worldwide.
10,000 entrepreneurs to grow 6 figure businesses ($100,000+ per year)
1000 entrepreneurs to get to 7 figure businesses ($1,000,000+ per year)

My goals may be lofty, bold and ambitious, given my track record of helping thousands of customers start their business – I plan to achieve this. What makes me different and BETTER than anything else that exists in the marketplace is that all my education and training materials have been created by in the trenches experts rather than theory.

I exist because I believe I can help the average person develop the high value skills needed to start their business using modern technology, social media & capitalizing on the trends today so they don’t get left behind. World is changing, Why not you?

My Core Values:

My core focus is empowering my clients with a totally immersive learning & implementation experience where there is an extreme focus on 7 Forces Of Total Home Business Mastery.

  • Teaching strategies, principles and fundamentals which stand the test of time.
  • In-depth training on cutting edge strategies that work today.
  • Ongoing guidance to ensure clients stay on track with accountability.
  • Done for you marketing & sales services to fast track their success.
  • In house proprietary software that we’ve built from years of experience.
  • Creating raving clients & communities.
  • Coaching, consulting & mentorship to help them take their business to the next level.

In short, we strive to help them become SUCCESSFUL.

Do you need better life? Do you need better business? Do you need and wish more income, more profit? You are at the right place. As I wish to guide you to the better life, better business, and straight to the financial freedom. This is completely unique method to experience the true earning power from the comfort of your home. And it is certainly not for everybody. It is for those who are persistent and truly wish to reach the wealth and financial freedom.

Do you know what is financial freedom?

Financial freedom is state of life where you don't worry about finances. In such state of financial freedom you are free to do what you like to do most and it makes it alot easy to serve the community. Nobody force you to work. You can work at anytime and anywhere . You may travel, or stay in one place. But you are pretty free of any obligations for active work.

Many people who have already reached financial freedom, they did it because they were giving values to others, they exchange products, services and values with other people. Once they reach financial freedom, they continue exchanging values, and work even more. They get satisfaction out of their work.

Here I am giving you incentive to go for financial freedom. Not only satisfaction in life, this will help you reach your bigger and better goals that can not be possible without true financial freedom.

There is a simple rule at PASHA GROUP: if we can help you, we do, whenever and wherever necessary, and it's the way we've been doing business since its inception, and the only way we know.

Yes, you can become financially free and experience an unobstructed path to get there. You just need a desire and a mentor to guide you. Let me help you. Let’s make it happen together!

Looking forward to serve you.

Best regards,

Reach, Connect, Deliver creates True Financial Freedom.

You are here because you want a better life. You search for opportunities and connections, you search for a way, for a path to financial freedom. You have thought about making wealth for long time. You search for better and faster plans to generate wealth.


My name is PASHA RANA. My desire to work for myself, rather than someone else, began when I was studying Business Administration in Centennial college in Toronto, Canada. 

I quit my $12/hour Concierge job in early 2011. In year 2013 I started my journey to become an internationally-renowned expert in affiliate and digital marketing. I haven't worked a job ever since.

My Powerful Money Making System is going to make you happy and help you achieve your ultimate goals in life. My brand (PASHA GROUP) specializes in setting up digital assets for my valued clients and helping them start a low-cost highly profitable home businesses without any experience or special knowledge.

Now is The Time For You To

Start Living The Dream

If I had someone to mentor me or provide guidance, I know that my journey would have much shorter.

Freedom is more than just earning money…it is a way of life. It means time to spend with

your family doing what you love, resources to follow your true passions, finances to help

those less fortunate, and satisfaction knowing you will leave this life with a BANG!